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building blocks

As infants, we didn’t just wake up one morning and build a perfect block tower. No, we developed hand-eye coordination and when our muscles were ready, we tried to stack one block on another block. It was clumsy. It was awkward. Maybe it didn’t even stay stacked. Undeterred, we just tried again. And again. A dozen, a hundred times, until the motion was smooth and the tower straight.

Personal development isn’t an instant phenomena. It’s a practice. It’s showing up, strengthening emotional “muscles” and refusing to let setbacks derail us. It’s somehow both intensely personal and available for scrutiny. We benefit from a cheering section to celebrate our wins, big and small. Watching someone more advanced use the same building blocks reminds that we will make progress too!

my philosophy

We can choose to practice with the building blocks of wisdom, peacefulness, positivity even though life is full of bumps and detours. I’d say we need this because life is unpredictable! I want you to live a life you love, to find a state of mind that allows you to thrive, not simply survive. It’s time to take charge and bring the change! Are you ready?

kind words

[Samantha makes] it so clear and everything is very doable, but it also takes someone out of their comfort zone.


make life beautiful

50 Self Care Ideas

A FREE gift for you! I've done the brainstorming, what's next? It's time for you to prioritze yourself with one of these fifty ideas. Which one will you choose today?

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This journey of personal development can be overwhelming! Think of each blog post as a letter to you from a traveler up the road.

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