Hi there, my name is Samantha, and oh my gosh it's so good to meet you! You've landed here, on my site today, for a reason and I couldn't be happier to have you here.

Do you hear that quiet whisper, deep inside, that knows you are ready to rock this one precious life you’ve been given? I used to hear that whisper too. Sometimes, though, it was like a roaring freight train that refused to be ignored. From the outside my life was beautiful and happy. Married, cute house in the suburbs, adorable daughter. But it wasn’t the real story.

I was withering away inside. Almost a decade of a difficult marriage had stripped me of my confidence, my self-worth, my voice. When I turned 30 and realized I had maybe two thirds of my life still ahead of me, I sank into depression. I didn’t want to live another 60 years. I wanted to disappear.

You see, I knew that I couldn’t be a zombie for that long and I knew it in my soul. When some friends pushed me towards therapy, my new adventure began.

I opened my eyes to the life I was deciding to live. It was time to kick zombie mode to the curb and stop being a victim. It cost me plenty: my marriage, my house, my financial security. And yet what I got back in return was easily worth everything I turned upside down. My self love, my freedom, my voice.

My message to you: You Can Do It Too. Whatever it looks like for you – you can transform your life into something you’ve barely dared to dream about. It starts on the inside and then bursts out through your renewed priorities on life.

I won’t lie, it was a lot of hard work and lonely nights. But you know what? It.was.worth.it. It was worth the pain and the work, I can see that now from years later. I’m finally authentic me, nothing to hide in my love life (with my amazing boyfriend), my spiritual life, or my internal narrative. While I hope your story plays out with fewer twists and turns, you know when you need change and that starts inside of your brain and heart, with the essence of who you are.

Come along as I share what I have learned so painstakingly. Consider me a fellow traveler a few miles ahead. I've mapped the way to make your journey go more smoothly. But you still have to take the steps - We can do this together!

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