Have you ever wondered if you are an overthinker or just a problem solver? Use these five questions to find out! I’m a sucker for a Buzzfeed style quiz, aren’t we all? I LOVE to learn more about myself.

No matter what result you get, I’ve provided some resources specifically to help you with personal growth based on your strengths and challenges. So take it now!

What result did you get – are you an overthinker?

I’m so curious, leave a comment so we can compare notes! Share your results on social too so your friends can find out if they are an overthinker.

I’ve been an overthinker for as long as I can remember! Since starting my self development journey, I’ve incorporated tools to help me stop that obsessive thinking. For those of us who are overthinkers, doing some internal work to avoid worrying and perfectionism is really important.

Some folks have found that magic balance. They think about things the right amount, and this is a really valuable place to be. You can learn from your mistakes without it overwhelming your brain! It is important not to get stagnant, though! Incorporating positive affirmations can push these balanced thinkers to the next level!

Or maybe you’re the opposite – an underthinker. I love being around people like this because nothing rattles them! It’s such a relaxing difference when my brain is used to over processing the world. Be careful not to miss out on learning opportunities by avoiding self reflection. Using self discovery journal prompts can help you stay connected with yourself!

The more we learn about ourselves the more we can love who we are right now and at the same time see ways to bring even more wholeness to our life. The more you know, the more you can plan for growth! You’ve got this!

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