As 2020 rolls on, it becomes more clear to me that we need an action plan for our mental health! This isn’t just a short term scenario anymore. Remember when we all thought it would be cleared up in a couple weeks? Ha, that so didn’t pan out. So, let’s … Keep Reading

How often do you stop to think about what you’re grateful for? Every day? Every month? Once a year? In the USA, we spend the month of November thinking about our blessings. We gather on Thanksgiving Day and often go around the table to share something we are most grateful … Keep Reading


Introducing the August Good Reads Spotlight: The Body Keeps the Score by Bessel van der Kolk, M.D. I’m so excited to talk about this book today. This one is firmly on the list of books that made a significant difference to my healing journey. Understanding a tiny piece of the … Keep Reading

5 Food Choices to Make to Improve Your Mood

There are a lot of habits we can incorporate into our life to improve our mental health. Exercise, getting enough sleep, connecting with a community and meditating are just a few. But there is one that a lot of us don’t think about at first: food. Did you know that … Keep Reading


For the longest time, I didn’t understand that some relationships are just bad news. That up and down, hot and cold, Jekyll and Hyde feeling wasn’t supposed to be there and was totally messing with my mental health. Fortunately, I got into therapy and started to learn some of the … Keep Reading


Have you ever wondered if you are an overthinker or just a problem solver? Use these five questions to find out! I’m a sucker for a Buzzfeed style quiz, aren’t we all? I LOVE to learn more about myself. No matter what result you get, I’ve provided some resources specifically … Keep Reading

Here we are, it’s Monday, it’s a new month – all the things are fresh! And while I’m always saying you can change things up any day, there’s something about beginnings that is just irresistible to me! It’s a great month to get to know yourself on a deeper level … Keep Reading


On my refrigerator is a magnet that a former coworker gave me on my last day at that job. It says, “Worry is like a rocking chair. It’ll give you something to do but it won’t get you anywhere.” She knew my struggle with worry and anxiety and I have … Keep Reading


If I can’t do it perfectly, there’s really no point in doing it at all. – Me (before I was a recovering perfectionist) While I don’t know if I ever said this statement out loud, it was still my guiding mantra throughout my childhood and young adult years. Teachers, friends, … Keep Reading

“Well,” he said, “this has been fun, I think you’d be a great friend for my older sister!” And thus ended my first date in 15 years. Awful, right? But also laugh out loud hilarious. That’s dating after divorce in a nutshell: simultaneously both entertaining and annoying. Really though, I found … Keep Reading