Let’s talk about mental wellness during the time of Covid19. How is it possible that 8 months ago, Covid19 wasn’t even a thing yet. We were still eagerly anticipating the new decade, creating goals, planning business launches. Expecting graduations, wedding, and summer vacations.  How quickly our world has turned upside … Keep Reading

As we go through life, we are very dependent on the information processing of our brain. We believe what it tells us, because that’s its job. We rely on our senses to provide information and then our brain makes sense of it and tells us how to react. But what … Keep Reading

“Are you okay?” “Yeah, I’m fine.”  This question and answer routine is a dance we learn as children. Politeness demands we ask it, and politeness also demands we make no claims as we answer.  But what about when it’s not ok?  There’s part of us that is terrified to feel … Keep Reading

Have you ever wondered why you keep ending up in the same type of toxic relationships? They can be romantic, friendships, even workplace relationships. We can find ourselves drawn to the same type of people over and over again, even when we desperately want to know how to move on … Keep Reading


This post was really difficult for me to write! Talking about living with a chronic illness is very personal to me, and I’m feeling very vulnerable (Brene Brown would be so proud!). But at the same time, I believe it’s important to share about my journey because the camaraderie of … Keep Reading

Do you feel like you are empowered and can take on anything life throws at you? I didn’t either. This FANTASTIC read really helped me along that journey! Part memoir, part motivational speech, You are a Badass lives up to its tagline: How to Stop Doubting Your Greatness and Start … Keep Reading

is it a panic attack or anxiety attack

I can still remember the first time I had a panic attack. The shortness of breath was intense, like I was being smothered in the open air. My chest was tight, like it was being squeezed in a vice. There are some details I can’t remember, like my exact age, … Keep Reading

I’d love to sit here and tell you that my morning routine is a thing of beauty. That you should be just like me, because I’ve got it all figured out, and here’s exactly what you need to do. I’d really love to be able to say that. But it … Keep Reading

I watch her, tearing across the yard as they light up briefly. She squints into the dark, poised for action, watching for the next flash of light. “There it is,” she exclaims, launching forward and jumping. Within seconds a firefly is cradled softly between her hands as she triumphantly runs … Keep Reading

How are you doing with recognizing your own self worth? Answer these quick questions to help determine if you struggle with feeling unworthy. 1. When something exciting happens in your life (a promotion, a new relationship, meeting a fitness goal), do you ever feel like someone else deserved it more? … Keep Reading