There are very few things in life we expect to get right the first time. First pancake? We all know that’s coming out kinda rough. First career? Hey, things happen, it’s fine to mix it up 10 years in. Cars? We trade those out every 5 years or so. So … Keep Reading

“Here’s your antidepressant prescription, but I have another set of ‘doctor’s orders’ I need you to follow too.” My OBGYN turned from writing on her prescription pad and locked eyes with me. It was 2 months after my divorce and I was definitely battling depression.  “You have to promise me … Keep Reading

Ya’ll, anybody else out there super duper awkwardly clumsy? Oh yeah. You know it. I’ll knock over any susceptible object. Something will break. Someone will get stepped on. Gosh, it’s the worst. Why am I so clumsy? Why do I have this tendency? I can only come up with reason: … Keep Reading

Your pulse races and your stomach tightens. In your head, alarm bells are going off to warn you of impending danger. Reflexively, your hand is balled into a fist as you evaluate the incoming threat. These are feelings your friend with anxiety may experience on a regular basis. Before we … Keep Reading

I wrote this letter to a few of my younger selves (there have been so many versions of me) and I cordially invite you to read over my shoulder. In return, I simply ask you to reflect back on who you have been at different points in your life. Maybe … Keep Reading

A picture of a therapist's office overlaid with "How to Find a Therapist"

If there is one thing I could change about the world, I would make going to therapy the coolest, most bestest, most desired attribute of all time. We are human beings, and we are imperfect, and that means as a whole we have crap we need to talk through. Knowing … Keep Reading

I present for your consideration: the humble front door. We have many openings in our houses but doors are the universally recognized “correct” method for entering and exiting. I mean, thieves might burst in through the windows, but our friends know they need to come in the right way. Even … Keep Reading

11 pm. 1:26 am. 3:10 am. You keep checking the time. Your eyes won’t stay shut. Your mind races uncontrollably. You start playing the hour counting game: “If I fall asleep RIGHT NOW, I’ll get 4 hours of sleep.” Raise your hand if this resonates with you…*oh look, my hand … Keep Reading

It’s very rare that I spontaneously wake up before 9 am. My phone alarm, with it’s annoying little singsong melody, usually wakes me up. It’s a fact, however, that any time before 7 I’m probably not my best self. I long ago accepted my night owl tendencies, and reconciled myself … Keep Reading

The Goods Reads June 2020 Book

Grab your beverage of choice and settle in. It’s time for this month’s Good Reads spotlight: The Road Back to You!  I have a confession to make… I am a personality quiz junky. It’s true. My nerdy little heart finds immense joy in Myers-Briggs, Clifton Strengths, DISC, etc. Oh, and … Keep Reading