I watch her, tearing across the yard as they light up briefly. She squints into the dark, poised for action, watching for the next flash of light. “There it is,” she exclaims, launching forward and jumping. Within seconds a firefly is cradled softly between her hands as she triumphantly runs to show me. 

This is a yearly summer tradition, anticipated annually by children, at least here in the south. As the stifling afternoon fades into dusk, these magical bugs congregate in the still darker shade of bushes and trees. Harmless and beautiful, they fly low enough for children to catch and marvel at them. Every night they dip and soar, bringing laughter and joy to backyards galore.

She has arrived next to my chair and opens her hands to display her prize. It crawls along her hand to the very tip of her finger before spreading its wings and rejoining the twilight. Sometimes, she puts them in a jar with holes in the lid. They glow and her face reflects back a glow of pure delight. 

“But we always let them go,” she says, both proud and sad, “I don’t want them to die in the jar.” 

I love that she has made this decision. We can enjoy their magic but we must not rob them of it. My mind wanders to all my friends with their special talents and messages. Many of them find ways to capture it in a “jar” and share it far and wide. I worry that they forget to let themselves go, sometimes.  

We all need to cut loose and find our own glow again as we wind our way through this life. How have you had fun this week? In what way have you reinspired yourself to keep lighting the way? Make it a priority to do something you enjoy. We love to have our own little music party, belting it out with Elsa and dancing like no one is looking (because no one is). I can promise you, after a dance party, we are glowing so brightly we might rival the fireflies. 

The night has set in and it’s too dark to run around the yard. She ceases the hunt and the fireflies are free to do whatever it is fireflies do. As I open the door to usher us inside , I make a little vow to glow every day just like they do.

I hope you will too!

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